Air Conditioning Unit Lift

Air Conditioning Unit Lift

PaulX aims at building a long-term relationship with its clients by providing cost-effective air conditioning unit lift services in Melbourne and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our blue-collar work and have extensive years of experience serving clients.

Our service is aimed at reducing the annual crane expenses of the customers and ensuring the safe and effective lifting of air conditioning units. We provide timely and quality services. Our air conditioningcrane lifting services have been used hundreds of times for putting commercial packages on roofs, putting condensing units on roofs of shopping malls, strip centers and more in a matter of minutes.

PaulX’s air conditioning unit transport services do not require bulky and large cranes that often block traffic and cause work disturbances. With our services, you can expect to have the job done with no delays.

If you are seeking a crane rental firm, there is no need to explore further. We’ve earned a reputation as one of Melbourne’s most reliable suppliers of crane trucks and other heavy equipment. Our feeling of passion for what we do, as well as our dedication to ensuring your complete happiness, are unparalleled. We also provide comprehensive insurance coverage for your peace of mind, which includes cargo insurance, among other things.


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