About Us

About Us

We are a leading transport company with an extensive fleet of cranes of impressive capacity. With our industry experience and effective lifting solutions, we can ensure a safe lifting experience every time. Our crane hire service is designed to make your operation a safe and secure one. We believe that choosing the right crane is essential to enhance productivity and keep the handling cost minimum. We work in close collaboration with our clients and offer the best possible lifting solutions. Whether you need a crane service for a residential or commercial project, we are your one-stop crane company offering bespoke solutions to save time and cost.


Every job requires specific handling and with our complete solutions, we are the transport company to ensure that your operations run smoothly. We have cranes of different lifting capacities and are confident that your needs will be taken care of. With our enviable reputation for offering superior crane hire service, we are a recognized crane company. We emphasize safety and it is our goal to offer reliable service at affordable rates. Whether your requirement is for a single or multiple vehicles, we can meet your exact requirements. Our service is unrivalled and we are here to offer the best-fit solution based on the precise needs of your job.


At PaulX, our business focuses on enriching and developing beneficial long-term relationships with our customers. We boast a team of highly experienced operators who can provide crane truck hire in Melbourne at affordable prices. Our crane truck hire price is very competitive and you can completely count on us for offering the most cost-effective solutions. Our high-quality services are available to provide the assistance you need anywhere at any time.


If you are looking for a crane hire company, look no further. We’ve developed a reputation for being a leading supplier of crane trucks in Melbourne. Our sense of passion and our commitment to guaranteeing your satisfaction is second to none. We also offer full insurance coverage for your peace of mind, including cargo insurance and Work Cover insurance as well as public and product liability. Our proven commitment to professionalism and quality as well as flexibility makes us one of the best transport companies in Melbourne.

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